First Forest Stand Up Performance at Cinehill


In the festival’s Devil’s Garden, stand-up comedian Peđa Bajović, our most internationally active comedian and founder of the regional network, performed a forest stand-up comedy show. In his Best Of Comedy Special, this pioneer and veteran of the local stand-up comedy scene presented some of his best acts that have amused audiences both in the country and abroad throughout his rich career.

“Having the experience in the forest with the audience on bales of straw was something significantly different from all the formats I’ve encountered so far. I could see the audience opening their mouths and shaking their heads, but I couldn’t hear the laughter because of the wind,” Bajović joked.

He said he is having a great time at the festival. “Although it can be a bit chilly sometimes, it’s very lively and great here. I would still give it a -A, so you have room for improvement,” Bajović rated in his own style.

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