“All for 10” Set Can Be Bought until Sunday!

Hurry up and buy your HRK 10 ticket sets!

The deadline for purchasing the All for 10 ticket sets has been extended until Sunday, 5 July. It is a promotional offer enabling film lovers to watch the biggest hit films for only ten kuna per film. The set contains 10 tickets for 10 different screenings at the viewer's own choice. The tickets can be collected at the festival box office. Motovun Film Festival begins in 25 days and this bargain offer is valid until 5 July. You are therefore advised to hurry up and buy your set at Ulaznice.hr for HRK 100. Watching the best films for the lowest possible price is not the only benefit on the table: by purchasing any one of the Motovun sets (All for 10, Big Set, Little Set, Morning Set) you become entitled to free camping at the festival campsite (you are only obliged to pay the mandatory visitor's tax in the amount of HRK 7 per day).

In case you are tentless and have no idea where to find a tent days before climbing Film Hill, we are here to help: For HRK 350 only (provided you buy ten tickets of your choice), you can become a happy owner of a tent, as well as enjoy the privileges of a camper, visitor and friend of the festival. Both the tent and tickets will be awaiting you at the Campsite Box Office so that you can climb the Hill relived of any burden.

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