Prison-themed films selected by our art director in honorary retirement - Rajko Grlić.

Zagreb July 11 2011. – As part of the 14th Motovun Film Festival program, from July 25 -29, we are showing a special section of films with prison theme, under the name Cinema Remetinec. The films have been selected by our art director in honorary retirement – Rajko Grlić.

Cinema Remetinec really used to exist. It was closed at one point, and a prison was built in the area. Nobody remembers the cinema nowadays, but everyone knows of the prison.

Motovun Film Festival is opening its own Cinema Remetinec: the smallest one, with seating for only a few viewers, behind thick walls, in what used to be – according to a local legend – a prison cell of the ancient town of Motovun. In this inspiring historical ambient, we will present a selection films from the prison-themed anthology – from Buster Keaton and Laurel & Hardy, to more recent titles.

Prison film has always been a separate film genre. As a small contribution to understanding the times we live in, MFF has prepared some classic titles. Since last year has shown us, for the millionth time, how reality is quite often more unbelievable than film (for which screenwriter would dare writing a story where both the prime minister and his deputy end up in prison at the same time), it is time to remember those old films where prisons were filled by thieves and lowlife characters, rather than the elite of the society.

Entrance to the cinema is free. As for the exit…each case will be decided on individually. We'll let the institutions decide.

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