COVID-19 rules are rather simple, so let’s go through them!

  • Access to the festival in general – no COVID-19 certificate required
  • Outdoor screenings (Cinema Trg and Cinema Billy) – no COVID-19 certificate required
  • Indoor screenings (Cinema Bauer and Cinema Mak) – COVID-19 certificate required
  • Concerts – COVID-19 certificate required
  • Campsite – COVID-19 certificate required

How do I get my COVID-19 certificate?

The EU digital COVID-19 certificate is a QR code which is scanned at the access points at the venues/events requiring the certificate. The certificate tells us that you have received your anti-COVID-19 vaccine or you have recovered from corona or you have a negative COVID-19 test not older than 48 hours. The EU digital COVID-19 certificate is not the card you received at a vaccination point or a paper PCR test result. The EU digital COVID-19 certificate can be obtained at:

I do not have a COVID-19 certificate that I have recovered from corona or received my vaccination. What do I do?

Testing for COVID-19 will be available in Motovun in Dr. Mario Miškulin’s dental office, Kanal 4, daily from 12am to 6pm (in case you need the test done outside the working hours, call +385 95 901 3544). The testing takes around 15 minutes and costs HRK 150. To take the test, you must have a valid ID or passport with you. Of course, tests made in other places are also valid. We do not need to see your test results as such, but the EU digital COVID-19 certificates that those with negative test results receive. Upon producing the COVID-19 certificate with a valid QR code, you will be able to attend all the events requiring such a certificate within 48 hours after the testing. The details about testing in Motovun and contacts can be found here in “COVID” section at the bottom of the page:

Why do you complicate things? Testing costs money! This sucks!

We’re not happy about the pandemic and the related restrictions either. But if we want the festival to take place, with all of its planned programs, we have to abide by these rules. This year, it is the only way to get together and have fun. Thank you for understanding!