“Developing Your Film Festival 2013″” Workshop in Motovun”

If you are professionally into film festivals

If you are professionally into film festivals, are planning to launch a new one or make the existing one better, the idyllic Motovun is a place to be in July. The "Developing Your Film Festival 2013" workshop will take place from 23-28 July, bringing together film professionals from all over Europe. They will share with you their experience, knowledge, tricks of the trade, motivation and inspiration. The experience of all those who took part in our previous workshops indicates that participation results in new ideas and is a step forward for everyone who tries their best to improve their festival and keep their standards high.

"Developing Your Film Festival 2013" workshop is intended for all those who organize medium-size film festivals in Europe and want to develop and improve their skills, as well as for freelancers in that field. As the workshops and lectures will be in English, the applicants must be fluent in that language. In addition, they must have not less than one-year experience of working for a film festival and must be interested in cooperation with other European film festivals. Also, the applicants must be citizens of EU countries (including Croatia), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland. The criteria for the selection of the participants will be the reputation of the festival they run, size of their audience and motivation of individual applicants.

The workshop will primarily deal with development and empowerment of film festivals, building audiences(primarily by using digital marketing and social networks) and expanding the network of contacts and cooperation with other festivals, agents and other people working on film that can contribute to a festival.

The lectures will be held by top experts from the film festival world. Practical aspects of the festivals of each and every individual participant will be analyzed. Three days of intensive work will be followed by two days of discussions, conclusions and screenings at Motovun Film Festival. (prijedlog: ovo zadnje je nejasno na oba jezika, pa bi trebalo malo pojasniti možda) The workshops will be conducted by James Mullighan, Creative Director of Cork Film Festival. The list of our distinguished lecturers can be found here. The acclaimed Croatian film director and Motovun Film Festival Director Igor Mirković will be among them, too.

This workshop is a project of European Union MEDIA Program and British Council, in partnership with Motovun Film Festival and with a support of Vilnius International Film Festival.

The price of participation and all other information can be found on: http://www.independentcinemaoffice.org.uk/training/developingyourfilmfestival2013.

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