Vida and Bane, a wealthy Serbian couple, have been living in Stockholm for a long time. They are dedicated to their careers and have no children. They visit their homeland Serbia only in summer and for holidays. Vida thinks Bane is having an affair in Belgrade but she keeps it to herself. At Easter, they travel back to Serbia to be with their family. This time, things change. The hitherto carefully maintained choreography starts falling apart and the wall of silence finally crumbles. Ajvar is a story about living and working in a foreign country and about a relationship going sour. And about a jar of spread, ajvar, as an anchor between the two worlds apart.

Ana Maria Rossi (1972) is a film and TV director who also worked in marketing. She earned her degree at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. She makes documentary, promotional and feature films. She directed one of the stories in the composite film Some Other Stories (2010). Ajvar is her first feature-length film.

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