All My Crazy Love

The new film by the Oscar-winning filmmaker Gabriele Salvatores (Mediterraneo, I’m Not Scared) is a road movie inspired by the true story of Andrea and Franco Antonello, a father and autistic son who travelled by motorbike for three months through the United States and South America. Sixteen-year-old Vincent has been living in his own world – the world few would consider to be easy. Certainly not his mother Elena or his stepfather Mario, to say nothing of Vincent himself. Vincent’s biological father is Willi, a singer. One night he finally decides to get to know his boy, but he’s in for a real surprise. Upon seeing his mother chasing away the stranger who showed up at their door, Vincent hides in the stranger’s car, convinced it is his dad. Destination unknown.

Gabriele Salvatores (1950) is an Italian Academy Award-winning film director and screenwriter. His 1991 film Mediterraneo won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film and three David di Donatello Awards. Nostalgia and the themes of escape from the problems of the modern world constitute a common thread in his films. Other films: Nirvana (1997), I’m Not Scared (2003), As God Commands (2008), The Invisible Boy (2014)

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