One of the greatest film hits in Poland of all time was seen by as many as five million people. Explicitly tackling the hypocrisy and corruption in the Catholic Church, Wojciech Smarzowski’s controversial film stroke the right note: It was bitterly attacked by the Church and conservative media and won distinguished awards given by film professionals at the same time. Clergy’s plot is focused on three priests who end up in the maelstrom of pedophilia, unwanted pregnancy and corruption. One holds an important position in the church community, with one eye on a lucrative position in Vatican. The other is a rural parish priest overwhelmed with human weaknesses. The third one lost the confidence of his parishioners when news spread that a young altar boy had been sexually abused. Events escalate fast, leading all the characters to the edge. We should mention here that Wojciech Smarzowski will be among the festival guests.

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