Jean Dujardin ( The Artist ) plays Georges, a bearded middle – aged man who spends several thousand euros on a designer deerskin jacket. Most critics agree that the jacket looks silly, but Georges is convinced it gives him “killer style”. Short of money now, he strikes up two dialogues. He pitches a mo vie project to Denise, a waitress who’s practicing to become a film editor by re – cutting Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction so that it plays in chronological order. Her verdict: “It sucks!” Georges’ other conversation is with the jacket, who urges him to do anything it takes to ensure that it is the only such a spiffy jacket in the world . Deerskin is “A surrealist and rollicking take on commodity fetishism and the masculinities that come attached to it – a bonkers ride as surreal as the nuttiest of Dupieux’s gonzo comedies, and yet possibly more lucid and savage a satire than any of his previous offerings.” ( Notebook )

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