Here We Are

Original title

Hine Anachnu


Israel, Italy






Nir Bergman


Dana Idisis


Shai Goldman


Ayala Bengad


Shai Avivi, Noam Imber, Smadar Wolfman, Efrat Ben Zur, Amir Feldman, Sharon Zelikovsky


Eitan Mansuri, Jonathan Doweck, Marica Stocchi

Production company

Spiro Films, Rosamont

Festivals and awards

Awards of the Israeli Film Academy (Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor), Toronto Int'l Film Festival, Vancouver Int'l Film Festival, Mill Valley Film Festival, Ghent Film Festival, Zurich Film Festival, Reykjavik Int'l Film Festival

A story about a father and son’s coming of age on a trip that will change their lives. Aharon spent all his life caring about his son Uri. Their life is marked by a peaceful daily routine, untouched by the hectic outside world. But Uri is autistic and, as he is on the threshold of adolescence, the time has come for him to go to a specialized institution. Succumbing to the pressure of the community, Aharon takes Uri to the institution. However, on their way to there, he decides to run away with him because Uri is not ready for separation yet. Or is it Aharon the one who is not ready? Here We Are won its author Nir Bergman (who is also the author of the popular series In Treatment) Israeli Film Award for Best Directing. The film screened at the official selection in Cannes 2020. 

Nir Bergman (1969) is one of Israel’s leading film and TV writers-directors. He graduated from the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School in Jerusalem in 1998.His debut feature, Broken Wings (2002), was a major success, winning several international awards and going on to be distributed by Sonny Classics in the US.Since then, Bergman has written and directed several award-winning feature films and successful TV series. He co-wrote and directed In Treatment, which was later adapted by HBO. He is currently teaching at the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School.

Wednesday 28/07 at 23:30, Cinema Trg

Thursday 29/07 at 12:00, Cinema Bauer

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