Heroic Losers

The year is 2001, and Argentina has hit the lowest point of its great depression, sending millions of people into bankruptcy and despair. A group of friends and neighbors pool together all of their savings to reactivate an agricultural cooperative and the economy of their small town. The day after they deposit the money, Argentina’s banking system collapses and they lose it all. When they find out they have been scammed, our friends come up with a clever plan to recover what’s theirs. Heroic Losers is a gloomy, uproarious, and breath-taking heist film with a twist. It is also an exciting story about workers’ solidarity and a collective vendetta.

Sebastián Borensztein (1963) is an award-winning screenwriter and director. Before directing feature films, Borensztein was one of the most prolific TV producers, directors, and writers in Argentina. He has won the Goya Prize for his film Chinese Take-Out (2011). His other films include: Kóblic (2016), No Memories (2008), and The Die Is Cast (2005).

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