My Morning Laughter

Dejan is nearing thirty, still a virgin. The fact that he still lives with an alcoholic father and an overprotective mother is of no help. Hoping that the friendship with his colleague at work could turn into something more, Dejan seeks help from a local clairvoyant; but the séance ends with his humiliation. Having finally decided he’s got nothing to lose, Dejan sets on a mission to become his own man. This regional comedy of despair uses an entertaining and intimate approach to depict an entire generation facing a growing-up crisis and forced to still live with their parents. The film premiered in Rotterdam.

Marko Đorđević (1988) studied at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, where he made several short films. His student short The Other Shore (2012) won Best Serbian Film at the Cinema City festival. His other shorts include: Bee Stung in Big Little Bees (2017) and Where Is Nadia? (2013). My Morning Laughter, is his debut feature.

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