National Class Up to 785 ccm3

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Goran Marković


Goran Marković


Živko Zalar


Vuksan Lukovac


Dragan Nikolić, Bogdan Diklić, Bora Todorović, Voja Brajović, Aleksandar Berček, Gorica Popović, Rade Marković, Olivera Marković, Mića Tomić, Dragomir Felba, Danilo Bata Stojković, Jelica Sretenović, Irfan Mensur


Aleksandar Stojanović, Slobodan Pavičević, Milan Vujnović

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Venice International Film Festival 1978, Pula Film Festival 1978,

Branko, alias Floyd, is a young man who still lives with his parents in the suburbs of Belgrade. His favorite things are racing cars and women. One of his greatest dreams is to be promoted to a higher class in racing. To do so, he has to win the race on Saturday. Alongside his two great passions, Floyd spends most of his time avoiding military service… National Class Up to 785 ccm3 is a time capsule of the ‘70s pop culture in Belgrade, with a fantastic soundtrack by Dado Topić, Slađana Milošević, Oliver Mandić and others. The film won the Golden Arenas for Best Director and Best Actress, and was screened in Venice in 1978.

Goran Marković: Maverick Award
Goran Marković earned his degree in film directing at the FAMU in Prague. He shot his first feature-length film, Special Education, in 1977. Then followed National Class Up to 785 ccm3 (1979), All That Jack’s (1980), Variola Vera (1982) and Taiwan Canasta (1985). His 1987 film Déjà vu won him the Great Golden Arena at Pula Film Festival. He then made Meeting Point (1989), Tito and Me (1992) and The Tragic Burlesque (1995). After several documentaries, e.g. Serbia–Year Zero (2000), he made The Cordon (2002), The Tour (2008) and Falsifier (2013). He appeared as an actor inSunday by Lordan Zafranović (1969) and Pretty Women Walking Through the City by Želimir Žilnik (1986). He has taught Film Directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade since 1978. He is a prominent representative of the so-called “Prague Film School”.

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