Pero Lovšin – You Can

The film tells the story of Pero Lovšin, the first punk rock star of former Eastern Europe. The story of how he made music history, and also that other kind of history unrelated to music, mainly through his lyrics. From rebel anarchism of the 1970s, the struggle for Sloveniaʼs independence, demonstrations at Ljubljanaʼs Congress Square, all the way to the European Football Championship in Amsterdam in 2000. We follow Pero during concerts in small Slovenian towns, while performing with his band Pankrti in Vienna, and on the big stage of the Cankar Hall, Ljubljanaʼs cultural and congress center. We are invited to have fun with him at birthday parties and follow the making of his latest album; weʼre with him on tour and at home. Pero is an anarchist, Janez kranjski Janez—as his version of a Slovenian folk song goes—he sings about how Slovenia goes through in the anthem of the Slovenian national football team, and about how this is no longer Slovenia. He can! Heʼs on his way.

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