Support The Girls

Mumblecore king Andrew Bujalski is back with a new attraction – a comedy on the verge of political correctness that tackles exploitation of women. Lisa runs a bar that employs scantily clad waitresses. She takes her job seriously and protects the girls from inappropriate and rude behavior of the patrons. Despite her dedication to work, her incompetent, racist boss keeps looking for a reason to sack her. A good opportunity comes along when Lisa decides to recruit the girls to work in a carwash in order to collect money for their colleague who hit her ex-boyfriend with a car. To make things worse, there is also a burglar stuck in a ventilation duct… Support the Girls is a shrewd depiction of women in a man’s world and a compassionate ode to the American working class. As a surprise, some of the main characters are played by the stars of Orange Is the New Black series and Scary Movie franchise.

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