Sweet Thing

Fifteen-year-old Billie has a beautiful voice, just like her namesake and idol Billie Holiday. While her father (Will Patton – Armageddon, American Honey) spends his paychecks on booze and her mother Eve (Karyn Parsons – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) lives with her new boyfriend, Billie and her brother Nico spend their days picking scrap metal. When they befriend a boy named Malik, the siblings discover a brand new feeling of freedom and fun. During an unforgettable and magical summer, the resourceful trio runs away from home in order to live a life of outcasts, far from the grownups. After a seven-year pause, the indie filmmaker Alexandre Rockwell (Little Feet) thrilled with his new film both the audience and critics at Berlinale, winning a Crystal Bear. The film’s executive producers are Sam Rockwell and Jennifer Beals.

Alexandre Rockwell (1956) is a celebrated filmmaker, whose ability to bring to the screen colorful characters that are both intricate and flawed, as well as his creative use of classical techniques to tell stories have made him one of the most well-respected figures in independent film. He studied at the Cinémathèque Français in Paris and made his international breakthrough with In the Soup (1992). His films include Somebody to Love (1994), Four Rooms (1995), and Little Feet (2013).

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