The Assistant

Jane (Julia Garner – Ozark) is an ambitious assistant of an entertainment industry mogul. The film follows her through her stressful working day, as she has to put up with petty humiliations by her antagonistic colleagues. While trying to cope with her duties and office schemes, she is also expected to receive young women who are led to believe they have been invited to a business meeting. Jane starts feeling very uncomfortable. And just when it seems that nothing can rouse her from lethargy, she wakes up and decides to take action. In her debut feature fiction film, provocative documentarist Kitty Green unmasks the mechanisms covering and hushing up the abuse practice carried out behind the closed doors of powerful individuals.

Kitty Green (1984) is an award-winning Australian filmmaker. Her debut documentary feature, Ukraine Is Not a Brothel, about the activities of the feminist movement Femen, premiered in Venice. Her short The Face of Ukraine: Casting Oksana Baiul won the Short Film Jury Prize for Non-Fiction at Sundance. Her documentary Casting JonBenet was acquired as a Netflix Original. The Assistant if her fiction debut.

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