The Truffle Hunters

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Deep in Piedmont forests in Italy, a handful of old men are searching for the rare and precious white Alba truffles, coveted by the world’s wealthiest chefs and connoisseurs. These truffles are impossible to cultivate and almost impossible to find; they are a true challenge for even the most experienced searchers. Only a group of aging experts and their canines can trace them. Armed with their hiking sticks and bad-ass sense of humor, the elderly Italians go to their quest by night in order to leave no trace behind. This absurdist, meditative documentary offers an insight into the world of the elusive fungi and the rituals of the cunning searchers who are trying to protect them from the greed of the outside world, exposing the magic of the nature in the process. 

Michael Dweck is an award-winning filmmaker and visual artist known for his narrative photographic and film projects, which explore ongoing struggles between identity and adaptation within endangered societal enclaves. His directorial debut, The Last Race, premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

Gregory Kershaw is a documentary and narrative filmmaker whose work explores the complexity and beauty of humans and their planet. He was recently the director of photography on The Last Race, which he also produced. He is a graduate of Columbia University’s MFA film-directing program.

Tuesday, 27/07 at 21:00, cinema Trg

Tuesday, 27/07 at 21:15, cinema Billy

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