True History of the Kelly Gang

Justin Kurzel, a leading representative of modern Australian cinema and the author of such provocative films as Snowtown and Macbeth, is back with a story about the rise and fall of Australia’s original Mad Max. George MacKay (1917, Captain Fantastic) is Ned Kelly, a young rebel who, under the wing of the notorious bushranger Harry Power (Russell Crowe), becomes a defiant rebel. Seeking revenge for the brutal arrest of his mother, Kelly recruits a ragtag gang of adolescents and starts wreaking havoc against the British authorities. Loved by the people and feared by his enemies, he made it to history as one of Australia’s greatest legends.

Justin Kurzel (1974) studied film directing at Victorian College of Arts. Exploding onto the international stage with his lauded debut feature Snowtown (2011), Kurzel has become known for his own brand of stylized, cathartic film violence. He was awarded Best Director at the AACTA Awards for Snowtown, which went on to screen at numerous festivals, including Toronto and Critics’ Week in Cannes. His other features include Macbeth (2015) and Assassin’s Creed (2016), both starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard.

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