The biopic documentary about Branko “Tusta” Črnac and his punk-rock band KUD Idijoti will have its world premiere in Motovun. In the words of its director Andrej Korovljev, by depicting the turbulent career of the charismatic champion of freedom, the film offers a specific rock ‘n’ roll story to all those who remember and believe that a better world is possible. Tusta’s uncompromising antifascist stance and his fight for the rights of the disenfranchised made him a true working class hero. His messages of tolerance, coexistence and social justice, considered it the 1990s as “communist”, banned KUD Idijoti from most of Croatian radio stations. This never made them turn their back on their values; they were the first Croatian band in Serbia after the war. The film also sheds light on Tusta’s intimate, human nature that, after all, made him a punk-rock icon.

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