Find Motovun Film Festivals Films Hidden All Over Zagreb!

MFF will once again, screen five classic movies on super-secret locations in Zagreb.

By hiding iconic films of all generations all over Zagreb, Motovun Film Festival will make sure you become fit for the final assault on our Motovun Film Hill between 25-29 July. The game of hide-and-seek begins on 24 June with Fight Club. If you too want to search for the secret screening locations, apply on Motovun Film Festival newsletter and take part in this cinematic game for the chosen ones.

Following a simple philosophy – “If we cannot go to the Hill yet, the Hill can come to us” – Motovun Film Festival will once again, for the fourth time in a row, install big screens on the super-secret locations in Zagreb. Five classic movies will be shown in this game of hide-and-seek – the films various generations consider unforgettable.

The first rule of the Secret Screenings is – you do not talk about Secret Screenings!

The warm-up starts on Saturday, 24 June at 9 pmwhen the Oscar-nominated Fincher’s adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s book Fight Club will be shown. The film which reminds us that we are not unique delicate snowflakes in this world but an organic matter decomposing day by day is widely remembered as a merciless criticism of the consumerist society, crowned by an excellent synergy of Hollywood bigshots Edward Norton, Brad Pitt and Helena Bonham Carter. The film screens in Lauba Cultural Center. It is the only location you will know from the beginning; others will be revealed to you via e-mail 24 hours before the screening.

The second rule of the Secret Screenings is – you do not talk about Secret Screenings!

In the company of beautiful creatures, spend a night on Earth watching films hidden throughout Zagreb. By mid-July, former convents, industrial zones and green areas will be turning into extraordinary theaters. Chances are it will be the last time anyone installed silver screens there. Join the secret film society by applying HERE on the MFF's newsletter and take part in the unforgettable cinematic event brought to you by Addiko Bank!

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