Frequently Asked Questions

Motovun Film Festival is about bringing film lovers together to enjoy watching films we love so much. In order to make it possible in the times of the pandemic, there are rules we all have to abide by to ensure safety for all.


BY OWN CAR: There is a toll parking lot underneath the hill; 



A bus will take you from the parking lot to the old town. Bus fare: HRK XXX

Sadly, no. Due to the anti-Covid-19 measures, organizing a festival bus was not possible.


HOTELS: There are a few hotels in Motovun, but accommodation during the festival must be booked way in advance.

A hotel nearby (10km from Motovun); it is usually possible to find a room there during the festival:


Motovun and the surrounding area offer accommodation of all categories – from private rooms to villas. The best approach is to book them via regular Internet booking services. Once again, you should do it as early as possible.


The campsite is the cheapest option that requires no booking. It is open only during the festival and it offers only basic infrastructure for personal hygiene. IMPORTANT: This year, only those who produce their COVID-19 certificates are entitled to register at the campsite. For information about the campsite, visit:

Eco camp

screenings and films

For all info about the screenings and films, visit (sections PROGRAM and SCHEDULE).


Generally, the sooner you book them, the cheaper they are. Also, as the capacity of the theaters has been reduce das part of the anti-COVID-19 measures, advance booking reduces the risk of failing to obtain the tickets for the screenings of your choice.


Ticket sets are put on sale first. The sets include ten vouchers for ten different screenings (the price of a set: HRK 200). This is the cheapest option, particularly for those who want to attend two or more screenings per day. Those who buy the sets can exchange the vouchers for tickets at the festival box-office in Motovun: then and there they can choose the films they would like to watch. You should exchange your vouchers for the tickets as soon as possible, before the screenings of your choice are sold out.


Individual tickets can be booked since 13 July. The price of daytime screenings is HRK 25 and the price of night screenings s HRK 35. Advance booking lasts till 26 July or while stocks last.

IMPORTANT: Only the visitors with COVID-19 certificates will be able to attend daytime screenings in Cinema Bauer.  


As of 27 July, only individual tickets can be bought. The price of daytime screenings: HRK 25; the price of night screenings: HRK 40.

IMPORTANT: Only the visitors with COVID-19 certificates will be able to attend daytime screenings in Cinema Bauer.


The “live” purchase is done at the festival box-office only. The price is HRK 25 for daytime screenings and HRK 40 for night screenings. The box-office takes cash only; cards can be used when purchasing tickets online. At the box-office, the owners of ticket sets can choose the screenings they want to attend and exchange their vouchers for tickets.

The box-office sells tickets for the screenings on the same day. If you want to buy tickets for the upcoming days, you can buy them online.

Box-office opening hours: 11 am – 11:30 pm.

Yes. Not all the available tickets are put on advance sales; part of the tickets for every screening will be made available for sale at the box-office. Still, if they are sold out online, this means there are not many left.

No. the set contains ten tickets for ten DIFFERENT screenings. One screening – one ticket.

Unfortunately, there is no refund for unused tickets. We have ensured enough seats for ticket sets for every screening, but we cannot keep them until the very last moment. This is why you are advised to come to the box-office as early as possible.

No. But online sales enables you to buy tickets whenever you want to and from wherever you want to.

No. Cheaper tickets can be purchased by booking them online.

There’s always a bad-weather risk attached to outdoor screenings. This is why the viewers are notified in advance that changes in the program can occur. If it happens – if (minor) changes in the schedule take place – the ticket bought in advance can be used for the same screening time, although the film has changed. For example, a ticket bought for the 6pm screening in Cinema Bauer will always be good for that screening time, despite the fact that the film has changed. Should you wish to change the ticket and watch the originally announced film, refer to the box-office.

In case of bad weather, unused tickets can be exchanged at the box-office for other festival screenings. There is no refund.

Unfortunately, there is no refund in such cases – this is the risk of purchasing advance tickets. If the tickets remain unused due to a mistake of the festival organizer, please contact us on

Such a query can be made at Information can also be requested by sending a message via festival’s Facebook page.


Tickets are not required for the concerts, only the COVID-19 certificate.


It doesn’t matter whether you are vaccinated, but whether you are entitled to a digital COVID-19 certificate. To learn more, visit

If you do not have a digital COVID-19 certificate, you will still have access to some events, but there will also be events that only those with such a certificate will be entitled to attend. For more, visit:

You will not be able to attend daytime screenings in indoor theaters. You will not be able to attend the concerts. You will not be able to register at the campsite.

For all info on this, visit:

If you want to obtain your certificate, testing with quick antigene tests (valid for 48 hours) will be possible at one of the festival locations in Motovun. Details and condition will be announced soon.

COVID-19 I have a vaccination certificate and a testing certificate, but I do not have the digital COVID-19 certificate. Will this do?

No. you can have access to a theater, the campsite or a concert only after we scan your QR code, confirming you have been entered into the COVID-19 certificate system. We cannot accept any other certificate (until you are entered into the system based on these certificates). In other words, only having a bar-code that can be scanned at the entrance or prilikom prijave / (kakve? Nejasno; registering at the campsite?) is acceptable as a certificate.

Yes. Motovun’s restaurant and bar owners must close at midnight like in the rest of the country. However, the festival’s night program – the concerts and DJ performances that usually start after the last screening, will be taking place in the COVID-19-free zones, accessible with COVID-19 certificates. There will be no obligatory safety distance or restrictions of opening hours there.

True, the campsite is spacious enough and there’s enough space for all (even with the obligatory safety distance). However, as this is a very basic type of accommodation with basic hygienic conditions, the organizers cannot ensure sufficient protection measures. This is why COVID-19 certificates make your stay at the campsite safer. Also, given the fact that the certificates are required for daytime screenings and that the campsite is primarily intended for the festivalgoers, we believe that the certificates will not be a problem – in other words, that most of the campsite guests will have them.

This is it unless the conditions change. Unfortunately, changes are always possible – it is a price of organizing a festival in the time of a pandemic. So kindly follow our updates on this.

We’re not happy about these regulations either: enforcing them will cost us a lot of energy, not to mention money. But, after months of pondering and consulting, we have come up with these solutions. Still, we’ll be glad to listen to your comments and suggestions: or send a message to the Messenger 😊