Other performers include Đutko, Miriiam, Gustafi, Cinkuši and Mario Kovač  • Motovun Film Festival will run from 26 to 30 July

Đutko, the self-styled Prince of Agro-Pop, is also sure to charm the visitors on 27 July. During peculiar and memorable performances, her and his band Plodovi zemlje play their versions of turbo ethno-pop, synth pop and some lighter stuff. Miriiam, a Zagreb-based singer and song-writer of growing acclaim and a laureate of Rock&Off Big Bang Critics Award for Best Debutant, will be joining us on 28 July. Her debut album Call Me Up, streaked with pop, country, Americana and indie rock, was welcomed as one of the best albums last year.

Gustafi, the Istrian Tex-Mex band that had legendary and unforgettable concerts at the first three editions of Motovun Film Festival, are back after 20 years. They are Istria’s musical trademark and they will share with us once again the joy of local fiestas on 29 July.

A similar fusion of tradition and pop-culture can be found at the concerts of the Cinkuši, the merry ethno-punk rockers from Northern Croatia who wrote the original score for Goran Dukić’s Even Pigs Go To Heaven. The film will close this year’s festival edition on 30 July and the Cinkuši will perform immediately after the screening. DJ Mario Kovač, an old friend of the festival, will entertain us with his explosive performance till daybreak.

Another highlight is the screening of the legendary Swedish silent-era film Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Age, accompanied by Alen and Nenad Sinkauz, who will perform their own original music written for this particular occasion.

As usually, our resident DJs will be performing until early morning hours, thus contributing to the attractive musical segment of this year’s edition of the festival.

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