Hidden Screenings Starting With Oscar Winner!

The first of the "hidden" films showing in Zagreb is Ida.

The Hidden Screenings season in Zagreb opens on 26 June with Polish film Ida by Pawel Pawlikovski. The film had its Croatian premiere in Motovun last year. In the meantime it won two prestigious awards – European Film Academy Award for Best Film and Oscar for Best Film in Foreign Language. This is the first film that Pawlikovski, one of the leading British filmmakers (My Summer Of Love with Emily Blunt, 2004 and The Woman In The Fifth with Kirsten Scott Thomas and Ethan Hawke, 2011), made in his native Polish language. It tackles the very painful issue of anti-Semitism and Polish treatment of Jews in World War II.

Besides being honored to host the Croatian premiere of this great film, last year Motovun had an opportunity to host the young actress Agata Trzebuchowska who plays the role of Ida, and the film's writer Rebecca Lenkiewicz.

In 1962, just before taking her vows, young novice Anna finds out that her real name is Ida and that her Jewish parents perished in holocaust. Her only surviving relative is her aunt, a former communist prosecutor who is responsible for many death sentences passed against nuns and priests. Nevertheless, the two of them set out on a trip during which they are faced not only with family secrets, but also with some of the darkest periods of Polish history.

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