Human Behavior as a Basis of Human Labor

In analyzing society, Ruben Östlund uses a behavioristic approach. He finds inspiration in such sociological research, but also in his own experience.

At the final session of Highish Noon, RubenÖstlund attracted attention of the audience both with his bearing and with the great enthusiasm with which he answered to the questions of moderator Petar Mitrić and the audience. His films deal with the issues somewhat controversial for the general public and are focused on human behavior.

„Sociology is a great discipline because it studies human beings in the moments when they makes mistakes which others condemn. It puts things in a context and shows that, if found in the same situation, we might react in the same way. This human insight is beautiful and we can use it in order to avoid making the same mistakes,“ saidÖstlund.

In his films he shows the deviant behavior of the characters with whom he himself can identify, not those found, for example, in crime series, where a criminal is a psychopatic killer. All characters of this acclaimed Swedish film director make mistakes and cannot corrrect what they have done. They must face and accept things they are not proud of and admit their own mistakes. He is inspired by the directors like Roy Andersson, but he also reveals that most of his ideas come from YouTube video clips.

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