Motovun Shorts

Marlon Brando

Cas and Naomi are inseparable – they spend every free moment together. Being a safe haven to each other, they find in their relationship the

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Fluid Border

1980, the German-German borderlands: Right through the middle of a lake runs the border between East and West Germany. One night a storm shifts one

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Indigenous Police

Three Sami men travel to the capital of Norway. One of them is wearing the gákti, a traditional Sami costume. The second one believes it

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Good German Work

Two craftspeople, Uli and Didi, are working on a swastika in their workshop somewhere between the rural idyll and village dreariness, wondering about the strange

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A teenager film buff and a single woman in her forties get to know each other. Then they meet again and start to realize that

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We Will Be the Greatest

Kosovo 1998: When Dunja, a young Serbian woman, finds out that she is pregnant she decides to run away to her aunt in Switzerland. Amir,

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