Animated film Porco Rosso by Hayao Miyazaki to be shown on Friday, 25 June in Višnjan; admission free

In the dream-selling society of today, children are encouraged to become followers of fashion instead of intellectuals, says Korado Korlević, the founder of the Višnjan Observatory and Croatia’s best known astronomer. A world-reputed scientist who dedicated his life to education of children, Korado has discovered more than 1,400 asteroids and two comets. Clearly, he is also gifted for discovering great films.

Korado Korlević will be the first guest of the new program My Favorite Film organized by Cinema Istria. The program includes screenings of films picked out by acclaimed public persons. The screenings will be taking place on special locations across Istria this summer. The first of them – Korlević’s choice – screens at Sv. Rok Square in Višnjan on Friday, 25 June at 21:15. It is the animated film Porco Rosso.

It is a 1992 fantastic adventure anime film by the acclaimed Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki. The audience will certainly find it interesting because the plot takes place on the Adriatic coast in the 1920s, when these parts were ruled by Italy. Porco Rosso is a pilot and headhunter fighting the pirates who plunder ships in the Adriatic. As a humanist and leftist, he is disappointed with the advent of fascism in Italy. But he is not an ordinary man – he has a pig’s head. Many critics consider this Miyazaki’s film somewhat overlooked and claim that any anime film fan should see it. Korado Korlević couldn’t agree more.

Porco Rosso

“The task was not an easy one: I had to pick out a film which is relevant, but not widely known. I like Miyazaki’s films because they have strong female characters, they look ahead and they contain lots of clouds and sky. This film tackles the past of Istria, Dalmatian islands and Croatia. It is an homage of a sort to Opatija, Rijeka and Croatia’s coast all the way to Pelješac. Seeing it is a must”, says Korlević.

This outdoor screening is organized by the Municipality of Višnjan and Višnjan Astronomical Society. The admission is free. Cinema Istria project was launched by Motovun Film Festival as its founder. This and other special screenings in Istria will serve as a great warmup for this year’s festival edition taking place on Film Hill from 27 to 31 July.

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