Krankšvester, TBF and Ian Pooley ‒ Stars of MFF Musical Program

Motovun square to turn into musical stage again

Motovun Film Festival is known as a festival enjoyed by all senses. As usually, after the screenings, everyone on the Hill can enjoy a great musical program. It is particularly attractive this year, as it will have the mark of Berlin, our partner city. Once again, the stage will be located in the unique setting of Motovun’s main square, where bands and DJs will take turns in performing every night.

As usually, due attention will also be given to the most exciting Croatian artists. On Tuesday, 24 July, the musical program begins with the hip-hop sensation Krankenšvester, who have already dedicated one juicy song to the festival. These provocateurs from Osijek will use parody and satire to dissect the average post-transition Croatian citizen and make a devastating diagnose of Croatia’s reality. The authors of the last year’s song Gaber, called a hit single by many, explain that the things around them make them laugh, but the music they make is a sad joke, so the audience can both laugh and cry.

Another national band is also well-known for its regular and merciless criticism of Croatian absurdities. The Beat Fleet, our dear TBF, will be performing for us Friday, 27 July. We still remember their last concert in Motovun, 14 years ago – the one with the highest audience turnout in the festival’s history. It is guaranteed that they will deliver their regular package of original music, verses and puns, and thus blend perfectly with the spirit of the festival.

It’s hard to imagine a musical program without techno – the genre that our partner-city epitomizes. Joining us in Motovun will be Corin Arnold from Berlin, who witnessed the German capital’s cultural expansion in the ‘90s and the founder of its iconic and long-lived musical night Dangerous Drums, taking place, among other venues, in Tresor, the legendary club starring in one of the films on this year’s repertoire. Another legendary guest from Berlin is Mark Reeder, British by birth, who moved to that city in the ‘70s and laid the foundations for electronic musical scene. Mark, who is also a member of the festival jury this year, was behind the careers of many well-known electronic music performers of today. As a participant of the Berlin subculture, he also took part in the making of the documentary film B-movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin 1979 – 1989, also to be shown in Motovun.

And finally, on Saturday 28 July, on the closing night, the dance magic of the best Berlin clubs will reign Motovun’s square, thanks to DJ Ian Pooley, one of the best known house music producers in the world. A career spanning more than two decades, numerous CDs of his own and remixes for the performers like Daft Punk, Deee-Lite and Carl Cox are a guarantee of a real good time. Felver, the pioneer of Croatia’s DJ scene and the founder of numerous parties that left their mark in the past 25 years, will help Pooley turn the square into a huge dancing floor.

Add to it the regular DJ shows at the city gate, provided by the organizing team, and every visitor will have no other option but to take his or her dancing shoes and get ready for some of the craziest parties this summer.

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