‘Louder than Guns’ – World Premiere at Motovun FF

Documentary about music in Croatia during the Homeland War, premieres on 25 July.

Stop the War in Croatia, Moja domovina, Hrvatine – these are the songs we all remember, often with an outburst of emotions. The bombs, planes, guns and tanks that marked the wartime 1990s were not confined to the frontlines – they entered our homes through our TV sets and radios, and through the songs some used to describe the nightmare that befell us and others to manifest their political loyalty. Numerous bands, singers and composers dedicated their music to those hard times and the national TV and radio stations considered songs an important instrument of the “political struggle”, so they commissioned them, recorded them and aired them daily. Even today, twenty years after the end of the war, its soundtrack still resonates in our ears and stirs emotions.

The film Louder than Guns by the awarded filmmaker Miroslav Sikavica will have its premiere at the 20th Motovun Film Festival, on Wednesday 25 July in the main square. The documentary, produced by FACTUM, thoroughly explores Croatian ‘90s music and includes interviews with Josipa Lisac, Zrinko Tutić, Jasenko Houra, Vera Svoboda, Pero Galić and many others.

In addition to Sikavica’s latest documentary, the audience will have an opportunity to see his short film The Beast that won a special mention in Cannes last year.

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