Miracle in Motovun

Watched the film in the rain

Motovun has the bravest audience in the world. Not even the rain prevented the visitors of Motovun Film Festival from watching the movie 'Bullhead' by Belgian director Michael Roskam, wearing improvised raincoats made from garbage bags.

Facing bad weather forecast the made a decision half an hour before the screening, to simultaneously screen ‘Bullhead’ indoors in Bauer, and outdoors at Trg, for the bravest ones. Volunteers handed out hot tea before the screening, which clearly keep the audience warm long enough to sit through the entire film, two full hours under the rainy sky!

The producer of the film ‘Bullhead’, Bart Van Langendonck stood in front of the audience after the screening and thanked them for watching the film despite the impossible conditions.

The program continued with 'The Last Circus' by Alex de la Iglesia, 'Harvest' by German director Benjamin Cantu, and ‘Animal Kingdom’ by David Michod.

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