Motovun Film Festival reveals second location – mountain resort Petehovac near Delnice


This year’s festival will be held at two hills – Motovun and Petehovac – jointly named Cinehill • The festival concept remains the same – plenty of independent films, artistic events and entertainment in a relaxed atmosphere

There is exactly 50 days left until the start of the Motovun Film Festival, for the very first time held at two beautiful locations. The film marathon kicks off on 22 July in Motovun, and continues on 26 July at the mountain resort Petehovac in Gorski Kotar. The festival team presented the new location by throwing a picnic at the altitude of 1035 metres, at the mountain retreat located only a 10-minute-car ride or a 45-minute-walk in hiking boots from Delnice.

“We would like to invite everyone who is willing to embark on a new adventure with us, to a film festival that also includes a mountain-side excursions, outdoor living and discovering the natural beauty of Gorski Kotar to Petehovac. Those of you who have been with us for many years know that our motto says ‘welcome to the hill of films’. Starting this year, we head from the hill into the mountains, which is why we have named our new project Cinehill”, said festival Director Igor Mirković.

The first section at Motovun will be marked by celebrating a quarter of a century of unforgettable cinematic get-togethers, therefore, we invite you to come to say goodbye to the festival as it has been, because it will never be the same again. Next to the already well-known location, we are adding a new one with a splendid view. The festival infrastructure at Petehovac will be constructed aound the mountain excursion area, in addition to an indoor and outdoor cinema, a concert stage and tasty gastronomic offer.

“In terms of logistics, our festival is quite a demanding project because we are venturing into a new space, building everything from scratch, but this task is made easier thanks to the wonderful support from the local community and administration. Our wish is to bring the magic of cinematic art closer to a wider audience, as well as to organise the children’s festival Timpetill for younger generations of residents in the region. We will hire approximately 150 people in both locations – Motovun and Delnice – which is another aspect that makes us proud and brings us joy”, said the festival’s Producer, Nina Petrović.

“At our new location, the mesmerising mountain plateau of Petehovac, you will be greeted by a one-of-a-kind domed cinema, which we have aptly named Francis Ford Kupola, as well as a large open-air cinema located on the snow sledding slope and festival campsite on the ski slopes. Festival visitors will also have a chance to visit the highest-altitude town in Croatia, where another of our cinema halls will be set up at the Delnice Workers’ House”, said the Artistic Director of the festival, Nevio Marasović.

Once again, the festival selectors have watched hundreds of films putting together the program. “This is the first time that we practically need to curate programs for two festivals, two locations, potentially even two audiences, and it is a challenge we are immensely excited about which forces us to be even more playful and creative in our efforts to bring you the best of world indie production. The programme is nearly complete and I’m happy to say it will be an excellent one”, said Program Selector Milena Zajović.  

An important segment of the festival at both locations will be the short film program, the winner of which, that is, the best European short film of the festival will once again enter the running for the European Film Award.

The festival team has been developing programs for young people for years, which is why we are also launching Timpetill, a festival presenting some most important films for young people of the past year, held in Delnice, 13 – 16 June. “As in the literary template, in a world without adults, the children and young people rule and create… Young programmers from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb and Vern University have created the program, young people will help realise it, and finally – young people will have the last word in choosing the best film”, highlighted Program Selector Inja Korać.

Both festival locations will be equal and will have their own separate film programs, offering the visitors an entirely novel experience.

“Cinehill in Gorski Kotar is envisioned as a blend of excellent films and natural beauties of the region. Fittingly, the new location will offer film programs throughout the day, without having to wait for evening screenings. During the day, there will be accompanying programs, talks with artists, workshops, and walking tours that will introduce visitors to the natural beauty of this unique location. If Motovun prides itself on its informal atmosphere of bermuda shorts and flip-flops, for the full Petehovac experience, you should bring solid shoes and warmer clothes for the evening”, revealed Igor Mirković.

The festival is fully supported by the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Istria County and the Tourist Office of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, as well as the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

“We are glad that the festival will transfer its stage from the Istrian hills to the green heart of Croatia, where the lynx, wolf and bear still live side by side. I believe that this new event will provide many opportunities for the residents of Gorski Kotar, in addition to offering a rich film program under the stars”, said the Vice Prefect of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Marina Medarić. The Director of the Tourist Office of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Irena Peršić Živadinov, added that Gorski Kotar has great potential for which the festival will provide the right sort of boost.

As in Motovun, the sturdier festival goers will have at their disposal free accommodation at a mountain campsite, while those who prefer a solid roof over their heads may find lodging in one of the surrounding towns, which are at 15 to 30 minutes’ driving distance from the location. An overview of accommodation options is available on the website, and you can also contact the festival’s guest office for help, at

Pre-sale of the most affordable ticket packages starts on 20 June, while the entire program will be presented in early July. Also, applications for volunteer posts and the Cinehill Campus student program are now open. Applications for student films are open until 15 June and for participating in the Kampus Cinehill workshop until 30 June. Details and further information is available on the festival’s social networks and the official website

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