Motovun – Single Use Plastics-Free Festival!

Motovun Film Festival getting rid of single-use plastic cups this year • Festival’s partner Greenpeace Croatia organizing workshops and lecture Plastic-Bound Society • Top-class chef and laser physicist Goran Zgrablić giving mini-course on cooking without waste

After the last year’s edition of the festival we came to a shocking conclusion: if piled up atop each other, the plastic cups used for drinking during every day of the festival would exceed Motovun’s altitude of 277 meters above sea level!

Motovun Film Festival, taking place from 23-27 July, will be joining the global campaign Plastic Free July intended to raise awareness of the damaging effects of single-use plastics, permanent pollution of the environment and its impact on living organisms. In the next two years, the ban of single-use plastics will be included in the legislation of the EU countries and the campaigns now carried out almost as a pioneering endeavor will become obligatory.

Motovun Film Festival will be encouraging bars and cafés not to use plastic cups, straws and teaspoons during the festival. Those who join the campaign will be labeled PLASTIC FREE. The visitors will be suggested to support such places. The single-use cups will be replaced with multiple-use ones that the visitors will be able to return for a refund or keep as a souvenir.

These campaigns are organized in cooperation with Greenpeace Croatia. Their representatives will hold the lecture Plastic-Bound Society at the festival campsite on Thursday 25 July at 18:30. They will talk about the damaging impact of plastics and, particularly, microplastics on the environment and life in generally and the proportions of pollution and its future implications. They will also suggest solutions for prevention of further pollution and the ways every individual can contribute to the rational and ecologically aware use of plastics. Using his own example, the activist Miro Capek will show how plastics can be totally eliminated from one’s life. He will also hold a workshop on the making of non-polluting deodorants and suntan cubes.

As the icing on the cake, the acclaimed chef, sommelier and laser physicist Goran Zgrablić will come to the festival camping site on Saturday 27 July at 18:30 and give a mini-course on cooking without waste. All the participants of his workshop will then enjoy the feast they will have prepared together!

This pilot green-festival campaign is supported by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund and Istrian County – Department of Tourism.

As of this week, Evening Sets of tickets for all evening screenings can be booked for HRK 300 via Bus tickets for the return trip from Zagreb to Motovun and back can also be booked via

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