Mustafa Nadarević and Rade Šerbedžija Receive 50 Years Award

They have left their indelible mark in the history of our cinema

Motovun Film Festival's oldest award,50 Years, was presented Thursday to two acting legends,Mustafa NadarevićandRade šerbedžija, for half a century of endurance in the harsh conditions of our cinema and for never quitting acting – something that requires not just love and passion for film, but also a strong will.

The „two kings“, as MFF director Igor Mirković called them, were given their awards by another two laureates of the same award – producer, director and founder of ZagrebDoxNenad Puhovskiand founder of Motovun Film FestivalRajko Grlić.

„The art of living is very similar to the art of acting, but acting is better because on stage you can die many times and still stay alive“, said Mustafa Nadarević.

Although he said he that had always relied on his talent and had not started working seriously before the age of 30, Nadarević had landed more than150 theatrical roles and more than 60 film and TV rolesin his long career, working with the greatest filmmakers of the Yugoslav, Croatian and Bosnian-Herzegovinian cinemas.

As one of the greatest actors of the region, particularly known for his roles in the plays by Miroslav krleža,Rade šerbedžijamade a long way from a great star of Yugoslav cinema to an exile and outcast in the 1990s to his Hollywood success.

„Love and kindness are the rudimentals of acting. They can only be found in solitude and he who finds them in his youth is a wise man“, said šerbedžija during the festival'sHighish Noonsession, while reminiscing on the filmmaking in the national and international cinematographies from his beginnings to the present-day.

Mustafa Nadarević and Radešerbedžijahave left their indelible mark in the history of our cinema. Their friendship started way back in their student days when they were roommates in a dorm. Today, on Film Hill, we all gave a toast to the future of our cinematography.

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