‘My Morning Laughter’ Wins Propeller of Motovun

Marko Đorđević
The winning film was shown in Lauba hall in the author’s presence • The screening will mark the end of the most unusual MMF edition held in 25 towns and cities

The award-winning ceremony in Zagreb’s Lauba Hall marked the end of Motovun Film Festival’s unusual but successful journey. “We can proudly say we managed to wrap up the most unusual edition of Motovun Film Festival that lasted 40 days”, said festival director Igor Mirković. The festival’s main prize, Propeller of Motovun, went to the Serbian film My Morning Laughter, directed by Marko Đorđević. The festival jury (Lana Barić, Goran Bogdan and Nina Violić) unanimously decided that this witty and yet distressing film about the life of a spoiled generation living a sheltered life protected by their parents deserved the award. “By pushing the limits of what is expected, Marko Đorđević made an authentic and courageous film about his generation – a film that one watches actively, laughing and feeling uneasy by turns,” explained the jury. The jury also awarded a special mention to the actors Filip Đurić and Ivana Vuković for their roles in the film.

“I love talent and I’m happy we can award a prize to it,” said jury member Lana Barić when she presented the awards. My Morning Laughter also won the FIPRESCI jury award for, as they put it, the intelligently minimalistic depiction of the Balkan malaise and for the nuanced and often exhilarating acting performances. Upon receiving his awards in Lauba Hall, director Marko Đorđević said he was just working on his new film. “These awards will stimulate me to try make an even better film,” he added.

In Motovun Shorts program, the award went to the French animated film To the Dusty Sea by Héloïse Ferlay. As jury explained it, it is a very professional, mature and sensitive film, a delicate family drama about a mother in depression and her two attention-seeking children on their strong, emotional journey. The triumph at MFF qualifies this film for competing for the European Film Award. The awarded films will be shown Sunday at 9 pm in Lauba Hall in the presence of director Marko Đorđević and actor Filip Đurić (My Morning Laughter), who will be taking questions from the audience.

This wraps up Motovun Film Festival’s most demanding edition that, not being able to take place on Motovun Hill, went on tour through 25 towns and cities throughout Croatia. The modified concept turned out to be successful because the festival crew managed to reach numerous audiences by taking the films to their doorsteps, like in the old days of cinema pioneers.

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