Nenad Puhovski – Improving My Skills through Constant Work

Igor Mirković spoke with this year's 50 Years Award laureate.

The laureate, Nenad Puhovski, shared with us his thoughts about his long career from its beginnings to the present day. Despite his love for fiction films and theater, he finds documentary film to be „the most important because it brings together two great passions – cinema and social commitment“, which makes it go beyond pure esthetics.

His extensive career is evidence that a constant work is the most important this for improving one's skills. Beause of this, he says he is skeptical about those „who make one film every five or six years“; unlike them, his passion drives him to make films just about everything around him.

Generation '68, a film about the generation Puhovski himself belongs to, deals with the generation of those who dared fight for their ideals. He avoided the feeling of excessive exposure of his intimacy by letting his daughters Tamara and Sena to be the first ones to see the film, as he considers them his most important critics.

Puhovski was pleasantly surprised with the reactions of audiences: people often wanted to talk about the film after a screening. „Obviously, they recognized in it both sincerity and their personal dilemmas. The dilemma is a very simple one: 'Has my life been a lie? Have I managed to make something out of it?'“ explained Nenad.

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