Nika Radić Hypnotizes You

You will see what you always wanted to see

Relax and become hypnotized by Nika Radić, an artist participating in Walls and Bridges exhibition (Gallery Pet Kula, 19.30).Hipnos is a series of performances consisting of lectures and hypnotic seances offering participants to visit an imaginary theater and watch a film they like. The performances were inspired by the practice of the U.S. psychiatrist Milton Erickson, who was the first one to seriously apply hypnosis in psychotherapy in the mid-20th century. He believed that a psychotherapist’s task was to change a patient’s symptoms. He did that by giving them instructions to correct their view of a certain problem. Over time, he realized that people took instructions more seriously if they were given them during hypnosis. The instructions were often of metaphorical nature – in other words, patients were expected to interpret them themselves.

Nika Radić decided to apply hypnosis in the context of visual art and ignore the actual physical aspect of her performances. She leaves her performance Hipnos to visitors’ imagination, enabling them to see what they always wanted to see.

Nika Radićstudied sculpture at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts and art history at the University of Vienna. She works with various media, film, photography, special and multimedia installations. She is particularly interested in the relation between an observer and a work of art. She received multiple awards for her work. She lives in Berlin.

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