Open call for volunteers

As always, volunteers will play a massive role in the 14th Motovun Film Festival.

They usually come from around the globe, each following their own agenda, but what they all have in common is the desire to make the festival better through their skill and knowledge.

Out of 170 people needed to organize the festival, traditionally half are volunteers.
They are guaranteed a place to sleep, a bite to eat, and random things that make life in Motovun such fun, and what is expected of them has been pretty much defined through the years: maintaining the venues, selling and controling tickets, managing the festival campsite and the like.

There's a lot of work involved but also lots of fun, and the unique perspective of the festival from the inside.

In selecting this year's volunteers a slight advantage, as in previous years, will have those who have already been part of the Festival's team. Candidates should not be younger than 18 and Motovun Film Festival holds all the rights of selection.

Application period is from June 13 to June 25, and the results will be published by July 3rd.

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