Opportunity to Make Up for What You Missed! Tomorrow, We Walk with Lynxes and Bugs


Believe it or not, Gorski Kotar is the only place in Europe where three wild animals live together – bears, wolves, and lynxes! This greenest region of Croatia hides a captivating and rich wildlife, whose secrets we have been discovering in a series of hiking tours and other fun activities these days. But the adventure is not over yet!

Our friends from the Life Lynx project, dedicated to saving the Dinaric and Southeastern Alpine lynx population, introduced us to all the interesting facts about these impressive creatures in our area on Thursday, 27 July. During our forest walk, we learned to recognize animal tracks and debunked common myths.

Did you know, for example, that the most common recorded cause of death is road traffic accidents? Neither did we! Out of 18 recorded lynx deaths in Croatia and Slovenia in the last 5 years, as many as 5 of them were killed by cars. At the beginning of the 20th century, lynxes were completely extinct in our region, and their unexpected saviors became none other than – hunters, close partners of the Life Lynx project, thanks to which we currently have 27 new lynx cubs in Croatia.

We won’t reveal too much because of the great interest; another tour awaits you on Saturday at 11:30 am at Sanjkalište. And on the Tracking Big Beasts walking tour, Iva Čupić will join us, where on her sought-after workshop Do Bugs Bug You Out? we will defeat the fear of insects and snakes.

Put on your hiking boots, bring water, and join us on a relaxing hiking tour where you will learn a lot of interesting trivia and everything else you want to know, including what to do if you encounter a bear, who is shyer around people – a wolf or a lynx, and why there is no need to panic when you see a black widow.

See you there and find out all the answers to your questions!

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