Photography exhibition marks Motovun Film Festival 25th jubilee


Ahead of Motovun’s grand finale, the exhibition Motovun: 25 Years in a Flash was inaugurated last night in high spirits and with a hefty dose of nostalgia, at Lauba – House for People and Art in Zagreb.

“People who love film know that an image relies on 25 pictures per second. Here, on these walls, we present 25 years gone by in a flash”, said festival director Igor Mirković. Commenting on the experience of setting up the exhibition and selecting the photographs, he added that “it was a long and very emotional immersion in quite distant past”.

A long list of photographers who have helped capture and preserve the precious and spontaneous moments of creative madness, joy, casual encounters, togetherness, as well as amazing films have marked an unforgettable quarter of a century of the Motovun Film Festival. Among others, these are Samir Cerić Kovačević, Ante Delač, Julien Duval, Matej Grgić, Eva Kraljević, Vladimira Spindler, Dijana Zadro, Nikola Zelmanović, and Nina Đurđević, who also assisted in setting up the exhibition.

The festival organisers used this symbolic opportunity to officially announce the end of a chapter and the last edition of the festival in Motovun, inviting everyone to attend the final glorious celebration together marking an end of an era, and the beginning of a new one. “This means that we only have the three days this year to come together once again on our favourite hill”, stressed program selector Milena Zajović. “It is important to us that everyone who has left even the tiniest trace in the Motovun stone to joins us in this grand finale”, added Igor Mirković.

The final toast to the 25 fantastic years and the next 25 inaugurated a one-day exhibition in Zagreb, but anyone who missed it will get a chance to walk down memory lane during the festival in Motovun, 22 – 24 July. After that, we will see you in Gorski Kotar!

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