Roma Disco in Motovun!

Forty Roma musicians accompanied by the world's best trumpet

Forty Roma musicians accompanied by the world's best trumpet player will be joining us in Motovun this summer! They are all part of the special film & music program Motovun Mahala and will sing and play for all those who emigrate to Motovun Free Zone during the festival, from 27-31 July. Every festival night, Roma Disco concerts will be taking place until daybreak. Come and dance to the music of some of the best Roma musicians of Europe.

Macedonian musician Džambo Agušev won the First Trumpet of the World title at the acclaimed international brass orchestra competition in Guča, Serbia. All those who had a chance to witness his virtuosity on trumpet would never forget it.

Roma people have always been fond of hip-hop culture and music. The guys from Shutka Roma Rap band from šuto Orizari, Macedonia (popularly known as "šutka") will offer us the best Roma rap. Encouraged by great reviews, the band decided to go on tours. Their songs rank high on the prestigious World Music Charts Europe (WMCE).

Croatia has its very own Roma hip-hop, too! This is why Motovun will host Euro Black nation from Baranja, a refreshing band that blends Roma music and beats with rap music. We are also happy to have Kočani FUNKolektiv with us. They combine Macedonian and Roma folk music with well-known film music, hip-hop rhythm and funky riffs. They promise to make even the shiest ones dance.

Parno Graszt is a Roma band from Hungary. Their name means "white horse" in Hungarian and is an innuendo to Roma symbols of purity and freedom. They have made it to world music top charts and ex-Monty Python Terry Gilliam considers them one of his favorite bands. He said it all when he said: "Long live Parno Graszt!"

Joining us in Motovun will also be Va Fan Fahre from Belgium, whose concerts are a true feast of Roma music! Their music, described as Balkan gypsy brass, includes elements of Indian and North African music. The lead singer's warm vocal easily conveys the Roma passion.

And one more thing – admission to all concerts is free!

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