Send Your Application for Campus Motovun Workshop!

Campus Motovun is a relaxed summer workshop for film professionals, semi-professionals, students and all those who want to learn more about film.

Campus takes place between 23-27 July, containing practical workshops and one or two daily lectures on the subjects not taught at regular film schools. Conducted by acclaimed filmmakers, the lectures are oriented towards the future of cinema. A VR workshop, Debate Club, daily presentations of regional and world film schools, screenings of student films and other programs are also included in the Campus.

Participants’ entitlements: ‒ Free stay at the festival campsite ‒ Free accreditation for all festival programs and screenings ‒ Presentations of national and foreign film schools and their films ‒ You can apply your film and present your school or learn everything about the school you would like to enroll and how to do it ‒ Should you prefer private accommodation, our Hospitality Office will help you find it (the prices vary in the range from EUR 30-50 per day) ‒ The low-cost Zagreb – Motovun festival bus leaves Zagreb on 22 July (the day before the festival) and returns to Zagreb on 28 July (a day after the festival).

Eligible applicants:

‒ Students of Croatian and regional film schools ‒ Students of schools that include film courses ‒ Young film theoreticians and reviewers

How to apply: 

‒ Send your CV and a short motivational letter explaining why you want to participate in the workshop (up to 300 characters with spaces) to the e-mail address:

The deadline for applications is 1 July. As the number of participants is limited, hurry up with your application! The selected participants will be notified not later than by 5 July.

In addition to all the above programs, the workshop’s primary objective is to be a venue for meeting, getting together and networking of young filmmakers and future film critics.

AND FINALLY: IF YOU INTEND TO STUDY FILM BUT ARE NOT A FILM STUDENT YET, if you are a student at some other school or if you do not want to attend any workshop – we have a solution for you, too: As of early July you can apply for student accreditation which, for HRK 150, entitles you to have access to all programs of the 22nd Motovun Film Festival.

For more information about this, you can contact us on:

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