The Cheapest Tickets for 21st Motovun Film Festival on Sale Now!

You can buy the set until 10 July or while they last

Get hold of a stunningly cheap set of tickets for the Motovun Film Festival screenings by 10 July, get free accommodation at the festival campsite and see as many as ten movies for only HRK 150. And, before you migrate to Motovun Film Hill, do not forget to play hide-and-seek in Zagreb and see four iconic films at MFF’s Secret Screenings.

One thing never changes in this uncertain world: Motovun Film Festival always offers super-cheap tickets for its audience.

The ALL FOR 15 set is a set of 10 tickets enabling one person to see ten different films of his/her own choice. You can buy the set until 10 July or while they last. Where else can you see the latest independent films for only HRK 150 in a unique medieval setting? Nowhere but in Motovun. So hurry up and ensure your seat by using service!

After July 10, the sale is COMPLETED at the price of 300,00 kuna.

If you buy any one of these ticket sets, you will not only go easy on your pocket but you will also become entitled to free camping under Film Hill during the festival.

We have also prepared something for those of you who cannot make it to Motovun this year and those who simply need a warmup before the festival. Once again, there will be four Secret Screenings of iconic films on secret locations in Zagreb. Admission to the screenings is free. To be there, you need to apply via the MFF Newsletter: Hurry up, because the first film, Chinatown, screens on Sunday 17 June.

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