The Loudest of Screenings – Tuvalu Live!

Film 'Tuvalu' will be screened by live performance by Mr. Lee and Ivane Sky.

For the first time in Motovun – an original score has been composed particularly for a Motovun screening and will be performed live by Mr. Lee and Ivane Sky and their band along with a film. And they will seek assistance from the audience for their live performance!

A special attraction of this jubilee edition of Motovun Film Festival is Tuvalu, by German filmmaker Veit Helmer. It is part of the festival’s early history: this contemporary silent film – an homage to the motion picture pioneers – was shown in Motovun way back in 2000. Marking the festival’s 20th anniversary, it will be screened again – this time in a very special way. (VIDEO)

Damir Martinović Mrle (Let 3) and Ivanka Mazurkijević have composed a new original score for this film. They will perform it live, accompanied by a four-member band. They will be using strange string and wind instruments (Mrle’s invention) and will invite volunteers from the audience to play with them, regardless of their musical talent – it’s not required!

The audience will be included in this exceptional film & music event in many other ways, too.

Tuvalu is an oddball story about Anton, a Chaplinesque hero who works as a guard at his father’s swimming pool. He has two goals: prevent his brother’s plans to sell the pool and win the heart of beautiful Eva. The poetics of this story full of adventure, love and twists remind of the heroes of silent films. Visually, the film reminds of comic strips. Tuvalu ranks very high on every chart of contemporary silent films.

The project was developed as part of Live Cinema Act workshop led by Live Cinema UK, with participation of Reykjavik Film Festival, New Horizons Wroclaw and Motovun Film Festival and with support of EU Creative Europe Program. The screening is scheduled for Friday, 28 July at midnight.

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