Concerts of Alejuandro Buendija, Je Veux, Pocket Palma, Porto Morto and DJ Mario Kovač from 27 to 31 July •Free admission with COVID-19 certificate

Music enriches our lives – this is the motto that Motovun Film Festival follows even during the pandemic. Concerts and DJ shows will once again spice up the festival from 27 to 31 July. Due to the special conditions, a new outdoor venue in Cinema Billy will be waiting for the audience and exciting Croatian musicians and DJs: Alejuandro Buendija, Je Veux, Pocket Palma, Porto Morto and DJ Mario Kovač.  

Alejuandro Buendija will captivate you with his great lyrics, lots of black humor and the music styles ranging from rap to pop to chanson to rock. This alter ego of the TBF member Saša Antić will entertain you on Film Hill on 27 July, very soon after the release of his latest album, cut during lockdown and bursting with his distinctive comments on social absurd.

The sensual soul-style voice of Je Veux will add even more warmth to the summer night of 28 July in Motovun. This singer, whose debut album, masterfully sung and produced, won acclaim in the past year, will add a whiff of soul to her blend of electronic music, jazz, disco and funk, to the delight of dance lovers.

Spa štala by Mario Kovač is a combination of performance and a music event, a conceptual DJ set invoking the greatest hits from the golden days of the tourist resorts of Croatian Adriatic. Entertaining games for tourists and the locals can be expected. Mario Kovač’s show dovetails with the main topic of this year’s festival edition, tackling mass tourism’s impact on the heads and souls of the tame natives. It will be wellness aerobics, a fisherman’s night and a pirate night – all blended together.  

Pocket Palma and their synth-pop will bring back the memory of the pop-music of the 1980s. They are often compared with Denis & Denis. On 30 July, their retro instrumental passages, electronic sound and dreamy vocals will make you want to dance the night away after the festival screenings.

The final festival night, on 31 July, will see the appearance of Porto Morto, currently the most intriguing Croatian band. As a spinoff from JeboTon Kolektiv, they developed their own sound which is hard to classify. Their sound is supported by their distinctive looks. With the recent release of their third album they announced a new phase in their career. Their Motovun concert is one of the first opportunities to hear their new songs.

Admission to all concerts and performances is free with a Covid-19 certificate. Covid-19 certificates will be required not only for the concerts, but also for daytime indoor screenings. They will not be required for night outdoor screenings. Covid-19 testing will be possible in Motovun during the festival. For more information, visit the festival website:

As the capacities of the festival venues have been reduced due to anti-Covid-19 measures, you are advised to book your tickets for the screenings as early as possible. Tickets can be booked at the link:

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