Sign in by 13 June, Motovun needs you from 26 to 31 July

Now that the number of Covid-19 cases is dropping, our desire to have a good old regular festival is growing. And our volunteers will play the pivotal role in it once again.

As usually, accommodation, food and all the little things that make life in Motovun easier and more fun will be available to them. Volunteers’ duties range from maintaining festival theaters to selling and controlling tickets to duty hours at the festival campsite. But it is far from “all work, no fun”: the volunteers get to enjoy films, have a great time, hang around with filmmakers and enjoy the unique experience of taking part in a festival.

The candidates must be eighteen years old to qualify. Motovun Film Festival retains the right to select among the qualified candidates. Applications can be submitted until 13 June and the results will be announced on 15 June.

Filling out the application form is the first step.


Please fill out all the sections in the application form in a creative and articulate way. Before filling out, make sure to read our FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions, where detailed explanations can be found. Should you have any problems with filling out the online form or should you have any questions not included in FAQ, you can contact us at volonteri@motovunfilmfestival.com.


The festival is a priceless experience and we’re in it together 24 hours a day. It is important to ensure maximum safety for all of our crew members. For some festival duties it is imperative to have received your shot and/or acquired immunity by recovering from Covid-19. While we respect everyone’s right to make their own decisions, we do have to ask you in the application form about your vaccine status and your willingness to receive it. You can count on our absolute discretion and we believe you will support us in our attempts to make volunteering safe for us all.

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