Presenting the generations whose time is yet to come

Four young artists that have grown up with Motovun Film Festival have completed a demanding task of designing the visual identity of this year's edition of the festival. We are proud to say that the festival trailer and poster come from our own "breed" this time, giving us an opportunity to present the generations whose time is yet to come.

The trailer's author Sonja Tarokić has kept coming to our Film Hill since her early days. This is why the trailer is inspired with the campers' perception of the festival and with the years spent at the campsite – the iconic place where generations of young festival goers spent their formative years. Later, Sonja discovered the great big world around her and enrolled in the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art. Having made numerous acclaimed and awarded short films, she has never forgotten her Motovun camping days.

Sister Agata and Apolonija deserve credit for the final version of the festival poster. They joined the festival bunch way back when they, still very young, won the campsite illustration contest. Ever since they have been loyal to the campsite and have volunteered in the crew taking care of the campers. In the meantime they enrolled the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts. In their words, their poster symbolizes the opportunity to forget the daily humdrum and find happiness on Motovun Hill.

Another artist we are so proud of – another one that has grown with us – is the young and unstoppable actress Mia Anočić Valetić, who is also the long-time manager of the festival's main theater. Mia first came to Motovun as a student. Now, after Don't Tell Anyone TV series, she is already a star but you can still see her in Motovun every year, coordinating theater activities with a portable radio in her hand. In addition to all other roles, she has got a new one – she is the star of our festival trailer now!

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