Event-Packed Second Day at Petehovac


The second day of the program in the cool Gorski Kotar region features a dense schedule filled with diverse events. We begin with a gentle awakening and preparation for the night’s dance party at the Snow-sledding slope near Petehovac at 10 AM with a morning yoga session.

Also at 10 AM, in the Francis Ford Kupola, we will screen the war drama June Zero, directed by Jake Paltrow, the brother of the even more famous Gwyneth Paltrow.  

The animal world of Gorski Kotar is magnificent. It is the only place in Europe where three wild giants – bear, wolf, and lynx – coexist together. For all those eager for practical knowledge, we are organizing a workshop at 11 AM in the Devil’s Garden, led by the heads of the Life Lynx Project, dedicated to saving the Dinaric and Southeast Alpine lynx population.  

At 12 PM, in the Francis Ford Kupola, watch a poetic Canadian coming-of-age film – Falcon Lake, by director Charlotte Le Bon.

The next screening is Mountain Onion by Kazakhstani director Eldar Shibanov (Francis Ford Kupola at 2 PM). After young boy Jabai catches his mother having an affair with a truck driver, he sets out on a journey with his sister Saniya in search of the “golden Viagra” that will empower their father.

Get your brain cells ready for the film quiz at the Devil’s Garden at 3 PM, led by the experienced quizmaster Morana Zibar. She has prepared a series of challenging questions, so be careful not to fall into the intellectual traps set by the seasoned hunter.  

The Francis Ford Kupola will screen the new film May Labour Day by director Pjer Žalica at 4 PM. This darkly humorous drama about the mentality of the Balkan man closed last year’s Sarajevo Film Festival.

Artificial intelligence was one of the hottest topics at the end of last year. At CineChill, there will be a conversation at 5 PM about authorship and its position in relation to artificial intelligence.

Bread and Salt by Polish director Damian Kocur will be screened at 6 PM in the Francis Ford Kupola. Inspired by real events in a small Polish town, the film follows a young student who observes the animosity between Arab workers and his friends. The film won the Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival.

Starting at 7:30 PM, the magical hour at the most beautiful viewpoint of Petehovac, offers a wine tasting of autochthonous grape varieties from the Kvarner region. Sommeliers from the Kvarner Wines Association, with the support of the Kvarner Tourist Board, will guide you through the flavors of nine wines.

At 9 PM at the Snow-sledding slope, actor Zdenko Jelčić will be awarded the “50 Years Award,” dedicated to veterans of the film industry.

Immediately after the award ceremony, also at theSnow-sledding slope, the animated film Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman, the directorial debut of French composer Pierre Földes, will be screened. The film has been awarded at Annecy and showcased at the Toronto International Film Festival.

To end the day, catch two music performances at Krešo Golik Square. At 23:30, Djeca, winners of the Rock&Off award for the performer of the year, will be playing, followed by DJ Mario Kovač, theater director, quiz expert, absolute record holder for the number of Motovun DJ sets, and a man without whom the festival wouldn’t be complete.

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