AFERIM! (108') + ESPI (6')

AFERIM! (108') + ESPI (6')23:30 Cinema BillyProgramCinehill Shorts,Lost&Found

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dir. Radu Jude
RO, BG, CZ, FR, 2015, 108′

Romania, 1835. Local constable Costandin and his son look for a slave who escaped from a nobleman and it is suspected he had an affair with his wife. On the way, they meet people of different nations and religions. When they find the slave Carfin, their adventure is not over yet. More info…

dir. Ivan Grgur
HR, 2023, 6′

Gender transition is no different than any other human change. It has its ups and downs, scary, funny, strange, surprising, and frustrating little moments that are rarely talked about. This short film is a visual exploration of these moments through the eyes of Espi – a 24-year-old protagonist who has just gone through the transition. More info…



(Nedjelja) 23:30


Cinema Billy

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