srpanj, 2021

31srp16:1518:00ALL INCLUSIVE PROGRAM: EARTHQUAKE TOURISM (42') + JOURNEY TO THE WEST (56')16:15 - 18:00 Cinema BauerZDRAVSTVENE PREPORUKE:EU digital covid certificate required

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In November 1755, Lisbon was hit by a devastating earthquake which had far-reaching effects on the city, including enlightened absolutism that was built on its ruins. Today, Lisbon is shaking again, this time under the feet of mass tourism which is gradually transforming the city, pushing the locals ever further from the city’s center. Is there an absolutism that could serve as an excuse here? The film tells us about the dark side of tourism, while offering a subjective portrait of the city and its transformations over a period of six years. 


A documentary road movie and a humorous story about our perception of the „others“. The film follows a busload of Chinese tourists visiting Europe for the first time – six countries in ten days! This entertaining game of similarities and differences dissolves the boundaries between the two cultures, dealing with one stereotype (the one about Chinese middle class) and revealing a new one (about the Westerners). 



(Subota) 16:15 - 18:00


Cinema Bauer

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