srpanj, 2021

30srp21:1522:40CHICHI-BICHI, BOL TOURISM UN THE TIME OF CORONA (75')21:15 - 22:40 CET Cinema Billy

Detalji programa

Tourist agencies have filled the town of on the island of Brač with carton tourists. The locals are both cautious and cordial to their carton guests. They sustain from smoking in their presence. They drink coffee with them. They take selfies. They play tennis. They ride them on their bicycles. They lend them books from the local library. They organize poetry nights for them. They care for their carton pets. In case of any medical emergency, they take them to a carton clinic. A satirical view at Croatian tourism in the time of corona – and otherwise. 



(Petak) 21:15 - 22:40 CET


Cinema Billy

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